Mr. Friedman is skilled in getting I-192 waivers for Canadians and I-601 waivers for citizens of other countries.  .

Unlike many of the so-called pardon services, Mr. Friedman works closely with licensed psychologists and counselors to develop compelling rehabilitation packages. Mr. Friedman is also highly alert to other issues missed by the various paralegal and pardon services operating throughout Canada such as when diversion programs  Borderconstitute criminal convictions and when they don’t. For example Canadian conditional diversions are widely thought not to constitute a criminal conviction, but the United States treats them as a conviction.

Similarly, based on a two US Supreme Court rulings Moncrieffe v Holder and Descamps v US, many Canadian offenses which were formerly considered Crimes Against Moral Turpitude and/or Aggravated Felonies  no longer render a Canadian (or other foreign national) inadmissible to the United States.  Mr. Friedman’s detailed knowledge of criminal law, extensive Westlaw package, and superior research tools increases the chances of receiving a September letter and a lifetime declaration of admissibility.

Mr. Friedman tries where possible to get a September letter allowing the individual to have the block on US entry removed for a lifetime rather than waived for several years.

Canadian pardons (the old practice) and record suspensions (the new practice) constitute criminal convictions under the US Immigration and Nationality Act (“INA”), but not for purposes of obtaining a NEXUS card.

If you have a difficult case, contact Mr. Friedman.