Canada’s pardon system (now technically referred to as record suspensions) is an administrative system which does not require an attorney or a pardon service.  The entire process is designed to be done without an attorney.  You do not need a pardon service, or anyone else.  All that is needed is a basic sense of organization and minimal clerical skills. 

The catch is that the work that needs to be done to assemble documents for a US 1-192 directly overlaps much of the process.  We are happy to assist you in the pardon process.  While a Canadian pardon does not restore American admissibility, it is a factor that is favorably considered by U.S. authorities.  All of our I-192 applications (and I-601 applications) include free consultations about Canadian pardons.

For Americans with Canadian convictions, we are happy to offer consultation about Canadian pardons/record suspensions on an an individual basis.  A Canadian pardon/restoration will restore Canadian admissibility in the event that the person’s only conviction (or the other convictions were expunged/pardoned) through a process which is analogous to the Canadian pardon/record suspension process.