Is the H1B Lottery Illegal?

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The immigration law firm of Parrilli and Rennison is considering an interesting challenge to the H1B lottery scheme? They argue that the lottery is not statutorily authorized and that the agency must proceed on a straight first in first out basis with priority dates given in fashion similar to the

US v Texas: A “Texas Stalemate!”

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Yesterday,  United States Supreme Court heard oral arguments in the contenious case of United States v Texas.  This case involves the State of Texas’ challenge to President Obama’s program to allow undocumented parents of US citizen parents to remain in the United States despite their nebulous legal status. Particularly in

BIA holds Georgia Theft Statute is Not Aggravated or Divisible

Thanks to the Immigrant and Refugee Law Center for sharing the Board of Immigration’s recent unpublished ruling in Charles Borromeo Ajaelu, A058 739 058 (BIA Sept. 3, 2015).  That ruling found that Georgia’s generic theft statute did not qualify as a theft offense for purposes of the INA because the Georgia

Attorney General Orders Rehearing on Chairez-Casterjon

  On October 30, 2015, the Attorney General ordered rehearing of the Board of Immigration Appeals’ decision in In the Matter of Chiarez-Casterjoin.  In that decision, the Board of Immigration Appeals handed down a decision on the categorical rule which noted that a statute is not divisible under Descamps if