Visiting Mexico With a Criminal Record

There has been a lot of discussions about US and Canadian criminal admissibility issues. Very rarely have people talked about Mexico. Until recently, it appears that Mexico did not spend significant time investigating these issues and any legal prohibitions on criminal admissibility were largely unenforced. This appears to be changing.

Canadian Federal Court of Appeals Gives Narrow Reading to “Organized Criminality Exclusion”

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Section 37(1)(a) of the Canadian Immigrant and Refugee Protection Act (“IRPA”) provides that an individual is not admissible to Canada if (s)he engaged in organized criminality. Hussain Saif allowed his address to be used as mail drop for an putative immigrants attempting to document their claims. Roughly 300 individuals were

Is the H1B Lottery Illegal?

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The immigration law firm of Parrilli and Rennison is considering an interesting challenge to the H1B lottery scheme? They argue that the lottery is not statutorily authorized and that the agency must proceed on a straight first in first out basis with priority dates given in fashion similar to the

A Newbie’s Guide to Deferred Inspection

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“Deferred Inspection” is immigration “limbo.”  This happens when a person arrives in the US and cannot completely satisfy the Border Agent of their admissibility, but the agent does not believe that they are a risk.  The person is not officially “admitted” to the United States, but they are allowed to

US v Texas: A “Texas Stalemate!”

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Yesterday,  United States Supreme Court heard oral arguments in the contenious case of United States v Texas.  This case involves the State of Texas’ challenge to President Obama’s program to allow undocumented parents of US citizen parents to remain in the United States despite their nebulous legal status. Particularly in

Injunction Denied in IML Challenge

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Earlier I reported on the lawsuit in the Northern District of California  challenging the new “International Megan’s Law” which codified a program previously put in place by the United States Marshall’s Service called “Operation Angel Watch.”  Under that program, the Marshall’s Service notified foreign countries when a convicted sex offender

Ninth Circuit Finds BIA’s Interpretation of “Obstruction of Justice” Raises Grave Constitutional Doubts

The United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit  found that the BIA’s revised interpretation of “obstruction of justice” announced in Matter of Valenzuela Gallardo, which required only “the affirmative and intentional attempt, with specific intent, to interfere with the process of justice,” departed from the BIA’s prior construction of

International Megan’s Law –Making Travel for Convicted Sex Offender’s Virtually Impossible

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On February 8, 2016, President Obama signed into law the “International Megan’s Law to Prevent Demand for Child Sex Trafficking (H.R. 4573).”  The  bill requires the notification of foreign governments when a citizen of United States registered as a sex offender for sexual offense involving a minor is going to